Rent a bike on the Ile de Ré

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To rent a bike on the Ile de Ré, no need to search, we come to you. All you have to do is book your bikes, by phone or email, and agree on a meeting place. We take care of delivering the equipment to you at the place of your choice. Wherever you are on the Ile de Ré, renting a bike has never been easier.

Renting a bike has never been easier

Wherever you are on the Ile de Ré, you can rent your bike at Le vélo van. Indeed, we deliver our bikes to the different villages of the Ile de Ré, but also to campsites or hotels. So you can enjoy your vacation as soon as you arrive, without having to go to the store.

To reserve a bike, nothing could be simpler: by e-mail or by telephone, we will advise you on the best choice according to your use, then we will agree on an appointment to deliver your bikes to you.

An electric cargo bike on the Ile de Ré

All our bikes are electric cargo bikes. But don’t worry, they are no longer than a classic mountain bike, which allows you to get started extremely quickly, while having the possibility of taking your picnic or your beach essentials with you.

Late rental return

You are on vacation. Enjoy! With the “Late return” option, we collect your bikes until 10 p.m. So you can make the most of your day, without worrying about the closing times of your rental shop.

VAE rental on the Ile de Ré

To sum up: do you want to rent a unique bike, simple and quick to use, which allows you to transport your whole family or your luggage, effortlessly? Rent your bike at Le vélo van. Contact us quickly, unfortunately there won’t be enough for everyone!

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